Entry #4

I'm back! Gun's Blaze'n

2015-04-28 19:27:47 by Destructiod

Hello Guys! I'm back! I had a short break from newgrounds becuase school was bringing me down with homework/revison -All boring stuff. Had no time to make artwork and when I did I was too stressed. But who cares about education anyway haha :D 

I'm back with more work I hope all you guys can enjoy, just as much as I love creating it. 

Newgrounds is one of the best things to come to my life in the past few years and I'm going to make my newgrounds experiance the best it can be :)

Have a lovely day guys.




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2015-05-04 19:54:46

Glad you manage through your school stuff mate look forward to your new pieces to newgrounds ^^.

Kind regards,


Destructiod responds:

Thanks man, :)


2015-05-05 03:34:21

Welcome back :)

Destructiod responds:

Thanks man :)